Our Story


Corporate Premiums have always been one of the important channels to help build your brand and an effective marketing medium for your clients to know your business's values and products.

More often than not, businesses are always represented with premiums which are either outdated in design or totally not in line with their values or products.

With the emergence of social media and technology, the new age businesses want premiums which are unique, interesting, and able to create a lasting impression on their clients.

Acknowledging this demand, 1 RED EGG  is established in 2014 with a team of professional Consultants and designers to craft a series of uniquely yours premiums. Interaction with clients has always been the greatest support for our continuance to  search and explore ways to add surprises and significant details to our products. These are as important to us and as to our clients.

Why the name "1 RED EGG"?

In a traditional Chinese celebration, red eggs are given out to relatives and friends during a new born's hundred days to celebrate the occasion. They signify happiness, new lease of life, unity and to give good luck. And "1"? We want to be the "one" to give red eggs to our clients.

We want our products to breathe a new lease of life, excitement, joy and good luck to our clients and friends!

We want to offer more to our clients and we want to grow together with you, our clients,our friends.